Direct Acting Pressure and Vacuum Relief Vent

  • The Series 6000 is actuated by tank pressures and vacuums directly. No external instrumentation or controls required.
  • Relief values set via weights on valve pallets, and adjustable in 0.5 ozsi [0.22 kPa] increments.

Optional UBR Valve

  • Patented UBR technology can achieve a higher fraction of rated relief capacity as compared to a standard direct-acting valve at lower overpressures.
  • Recommended for use only when you require high relief flow rate at low overpressure, or require a set points outside the range of a standard valve.
  • Both the pressure and vacuum valves in the vent can be configured as Hawkeye’s patented Unidirectional Binary Relief (UBR) valve or as a standard weight-loaded direct-acting valve.

Flexible Configuration

  • The Series 6000 PVRV is available in 2, 3, 4 and 6” connections with ANSI 150# bolt patterns.
  • Lightweight aluminum construction.
  • 8” API 12B/F (gauge hatch) connections are also available, sharing the flow characteristic of the 6”  device.
  • The PVRV can be configured as an end-of-line vent, with pressure and vacuum relief to atmosphere, or optionally as an in-line vent with pressure relief to an integral 6” pipe-away connection with ANSI 150# bolt patterns.
  • The device can be configured to provide both pressure and vacuum relief, pressure relief only or vacuum relief only.

Composite FKM Gasket

  • The composite gasket bonds sponge Viton™ (eFKM), to standard Viton™ (FKM) for durability.
  • The soft eFKM conforms to the contoured seat improve the seal while the standard FKM ensures ruggedness and reliability of the gasket.
  • Bubble-tight sealing to 90% of set pressure is achievable.

Precision Components

  • Precision molded and machined sealing components provide consistent sealing and venting performance.
  • Glass-filled Nylon pallets and seats provide excellent chemical, corrosion, temperature and wear resistance while remaining light, strong and extremely durable.

Full Encompassing Guide

  • The full encompassing pallet guide on the Series 6000 PVRV provides full confidence that the internal moving components will not become dislodged or misaligned.
  • 4 point contact reduces friction, wear and the risk of becoming stuck over a full contact guide.

Empirical Flow Characteristic Data

  • Data used to determine the pressure and vacuum relief flow rates was generated from full-scale flow characteristic determination conducted on all vents in the summer of 2017.
  • All data was collected and verified by C-FER Technologies (1999) Inc. in accordance with API 2000, 7th Ed. Full report available upon request.

Design, Manufactured and Stocked in Canada

  • The Series 6000 is manufactured and stocked for quick delivery at Hawkeye’s Edmonton plant.



Function Dedicated Pressure and Vacuum Relief Vent (PVRV)
Maximum Allowable Pressure 4 psi
Process Connection 2, 3, 4 or 6" Flange with ANSI 150# bolt pattern, 8" API 12F Flange
Temperature Range -26°C to 206°C for FKM (Viton) seals
Pressure Relief Range (STD) 0.25, 0.4, and 0.5 to 16 ozsi 0.5 oszi increments
Vacuum Relief Range (STD) 0.25, 0.4, and 0.5 ozsi to 8 ozsi in 0.5 oszi increments
Pressure Relief Range (UBR) 8 ozsi to 32 ozsi in 0.5 oszi increments
Vacuum Relief Range (UBR) 4 ozsi to 16 ozsi in 0.5 oszi increments
Materials of Construction Aluminum (Body). Glass-reinforced Nylon (Pallets & Seats). EFKM + FKM (Gaskets).

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Installation & Operation Manual

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Application Note: Flow Testing

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Required Information Flow Chart for API2000

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Ordering Information

Series 6000 PVRVs are assembled and tested-to-order from stock parts, for target deliveries in 2 weeks or less ARO.

  1. Specify “Series 6000 PVRV”
  2. Specify configuration options

See part number matrix on the brochure for more information.

Consider completing your Series 6000 PVRV Installation with a Bolt Kit and Tank Gasket.

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