Tank Level Activation

  • Level switches are single point indication used to control activities based on tank level as reported by a Hawkeye Level Indication System.
  • Applications include high- or low-level alarms, emergency shut down, pump start / stop.
  • Switches are actuated by the external guided indicator.

 Magnetic Mounting

  • Allows direct and non-permanent connection to ferrous surface.
  • Easy to position and move.

Optional Gauge Board Mounting

  • Integrated bracket mounts level switch directly to the Hawkeye Gauge Board.
  • Can be positioned anywhere along length of the gauge board.

Pneumatic Switch

  • 2 Position 3 Way snap-action non-momentary switch.
  • Switch will return to original position with manual intervention, or if indicator traverses in opposite direction.


Actuation Principle Non-Momentary Pneumatic
Actuation Whisker, via External Guided Indicator
Switch Type 2-Pos 3-way
Pressure Rating 100 psi
Operating Temperature -40°C to 125 °C

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Ordering Information

Level switches are best used in conjunction with a complete Hawkeye level indication system.  See the Level Indication System category for more information.

Pneumatic Level Switch:

  1. Specify “Electric Level Switch”
  2. Specify mounting type.  Magnetic Mounting is standard.

See the part number matrix for more information.

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