Electric Output for Mechanical Level

  • The Model 2000 converts tank level (via Dry-seal Gauge Head reel position) to a two-wire 4 – 20 mA output signal.
  • Uses a precision, low drift solid state transmitter for instant-on level readings.
  • Only requires power when a reading is required.

Bolt-on Design

  • No special tools are required, the Model 2000 Goshawk, bolts directly to Model 1000 Redtail or Model 1500 Roadside Dry-Seal gauge heads.
  • 3/4 NPT conduit connections for sealed cable connections.

Absolution Position Encoding

  • The Model 2000 Goshawk uses absolution position encoding to ensure accurate and repeatable level indication.
  • Direct mechanical connection ensures skip-free encoding, and does not require recalibration following power outages.


  • CSA C/US Marked for Class I Division 1 Grade. C & D T6 Also Suitable for Class I Zone 1 IIB T6.


Encoding Principle Abolution Rotational
Gauge Head Connection 2× 1/4 NC Bolts + Gauge-specific cover plate
Process Temperature -40°C to 80°C
Ambient Temperature -40°C to 70°C
Maximum Range (Recommended)
- Encoding Potentiometer 2880°
- GH I Operator Input 2880°
- GH II Operator Input 4320°
- GH III Operator Input 7088°
Power Supply Approved Class 2 only, 13 - 24 VDC
Output 4 - 20 mA
Output Non-linearity 0.01% Max
Output Error 0.13% F.S. @ 25°C + Gauge Error
Gauge Error (Model 1000 Redtail) ±0.06 Rev (±2.1 in @ indicator)
Gauge Error (Model 1500 Roadside) ±0.07 Rev (±1.2 in @ indicator)
HazLoc CSA C/US Marked for Class I Division 1 Group C&D T6, also suitable for Class I Zone 1 IIB T6

Ordering Information

  1. Specify “Model 2000 Goshawk”
  2. Specify transmission option (Goshawk I, Goshawk II or Goshawk III)
  3. Specify required gauge head cover plate (for retrofit applications only)

See the part number building on the brochure for more information.

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