The Model 1230 Skimmer is a floating skim solution that follows the liquid surface ensuring that product is always drawn from the top of the liquid column.

Nonmetallic LLDPE Pontoon

  • Hollow LLDPE Pontoon provides superb buoyancy.
  • LLDPE Pontoon is non abrasive and will not damage interior coatings or components.
  • Pontoon offers superior resistance to acids and high-chloride contents.

Flexible Rugged Nitrile Composite Hose

  • Nitrile with Fabric and Wire Helix Matrix hose provides superior chemical and temperature performance to PVC alternatives
    Flexible hose allows skimmer placement where convenient, not dictated by booms or standpipes.
  • Suitable for harsh skimming applications including sour service, high chloride solutions and many more.

Stainless Trim

  • Metallic components in contact with fluid are stainless steel for chemical compatibility, including hose clamps, fasteners and nipples.

Outlet Flexibility

  • Hose comes standard with 2-1/2 NPT connection, which can be adapted to fit most any threaded or flanged internal tank outlet connection.

Skimmer As Float

  • The skimmer system, if appropriately positioned in the tank, can be used as a replacement for the float in a mechanical level indication system. See Skimmer As Float for tank preparation requirements.


Skimmer Type Floating
Maximum Hose Length 30 m [100 ft]
Hose Inside Diameter 63.5 mm [2.5 in]
Hose Vacuum Rating 737 mmHg [29 inHg]
Process Connection 2-1/2 NPT Standard
Process Temperature (Float) -40°C to 65°C [-40°C to 150°F]
Process Temperature (Hose) -40°C to 93°C [-40°C to 200°F]
Ambient Temperature -40°C to 65°C [-40°C to 150°F]

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Estimating Skimmer Flow Rate

Download TB-1014-SKMFR

Ordering Information

  1. Specify “Model 1230 Skimmer” or “Model 1230 Skimmer Upgrade”.
  2. Specify required length of hose or provide hose sizing information listed above.
  3. Specify outlet connection.
  4. Specify if a float guide kit is required or already exists in the application, and supply tank height.

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