Guided Float follows tank level

  • The float sits at the tank liquid-gas interface, and communicates the tank level to an external indicator via a gauge head.
  • Hawkeye floats are designed to work with Hawkeye’s indicators and gauge heads.
  • To improve level indication system accuracy and responsiveness, the float is guided by pair of stainless steel cables running from the tank roof to floor, keeping the float centred under the gauge head.

Stainless Steel Float

  • A high-temp stainless steel alternative to the standard LLDPE float.
  • The bonded stainless float option adds an permanent conductor connection float and float cable, for electrical continuity. Requires a dry seal gauge head (Model 1000 or Model 1500) for continuity to gauge head.


Component Float
Diameter 6.0 in.
Material Stainless Steel

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Installation Instructions

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Ordering Information

Floats are best ordered as part of a complete Level Indication System.  See the Level Indication System category for more information.

Standalone Guided Stainless Steel Float

  1. Specify “Guided Stainless Steel Float”
  2. Specify “Standard” or “Bonded”

See the part number matrix on the brochure for more information.

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