RACI spacers attach rigidly to carrier pipe to mechanically and electrically isolate it from the casing pipe, eliminating the possibility of galvanic corrosion and coating abrasion due to dynamic loading. Additionally, RACI spacers keep bell and spigot Joints from sliding or resting on the casing, reducing wear on the carrier pipe. The RACI spacer itself is chemically resistant, and can withstand significant thermal and mechanical stresses during installation.


RACI spacers are injection molded high-density polyethylene, and join via an integral locking system that requires no metal bolts or fasteners. The injection molded HDPE spacer has high impact strength, and provides little friction during casing installation.


RACI Spacer elements are available with varying support heights, allowing the spacer to clear any bells, flanges or coupling on the carrier pipe. The integral joining system is simple to operate in the field and allows the RACI system to match a wide range of carrier pipe diameters, including coated pipes. RACI spacers can be installed on concrete, ductile iron, plastic and steel pipe.


Material High Density Polyethylene

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Sizing Guide

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RACI Installation Tools

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Supplemental Installation Instructions

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Ordering Information

Hawkeye offers technical assistance in selecting, sizing and ordering RACI spacers for any application. From simple cased roadway crossings, to large diameter pushes 700m and more, we’re here to help.

The selection of spacer depends on the following information:

  1. Exact Carrier Pipe OD
  2. Exact Bell, Flange or Coupling OD
  3. Exact Casing Pipe ID
  4. Clearance desired between casing and carrier pipe
  5. Length of application, with linear weight of filled Carrier Pipe

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