• The gauge head is split into two separate compartments: the sealed side and the open side.
  • The sealed side is exposed to the tank; the open side exposed to atmosphere.
  • Sealed side features integral sloped channel, allowing condensation to drain freely back into the tank.
  • Compartments are only mechanically connected by the bearing-supported axle, and sealed by the unique Dual Dry Seal.

Dual Dry Seal

  • Dual dynamic FKM (Viton) seals the compartment from each other and prevents emission from the tank escaping from the gauge head.
  • Dry-Seal technology requires no addition of grease or other sealing agents for long-term reliable operation.

Compact, Indexed Cable Reels

  • Cable is wound on two reels, one in each compartment.
  • Compact Cable Reels reduce gauge head size, allow for higher pressure operation.
  • Reels are connected mechanically via a keyed common axel.
  • Reels provide accurate cable indexing with none of the slip associated with pulley systems.
  • Indexed reels allow the use of the bolt-on Goshawk Level Transmitter.


Measuring Principle Mechanical (Float)
Maximum Range 6 m [20 ft]
Local Display Tank Mounted Gauge Board & Indicator
Process Connection 1-1/2 MNPT
Process Temperature -40 °C to 60°C (w/ LLDPE Float)
Ambient Temperature -40°C to 70°C
Operating Pressure 1 bar [14.5 psi]

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Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Ordering Information

For a Complete Model 1500 Roadside Level Indication System, see the Model 1500 Roadisde Level Indication System page.

Individual Model 1500 Roadside Gauge Head

  1. Specify “Model 1500 Roadside Gauge Head”
  2. Indicate if Model 2000 Goshawk is required
  3. Specify Standard, or Acid Service
  4. Specify standard 20ft max height, or extended 32 ft max height.

See the part number matrix on the brochure for more information.

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