Tank Level Indication

  • The wraparound indicator provides external level position of the float inside the tank.
  • When coupled with a graduated gauge board, the indicator can report the volume of liquid in a tank.

Wraparound for a lower-cost alternative

  • The Hawkeye wraparound indicator provides a lower-cost solution when the better reliability and all-weather operation of a guided indicator isn’t required.
  • The indicator runs along the Hawkeye gauge board, using the gauge board itself to guide the indicator.
    The wraparound indicator kit includes indicator and top roller bracket.

High Visibility Yellow

  • Durable powder coating provides a high visibility protection against scratches and corrosion for long operational life.

Designed to work as a System

  • Hawkeye wraparound indicators are designed to work in concert with Hawkeye floats and gauge heads.
  • The wraparound indicator is not recommended for use with the Model 1000 Redtail and Model 1500 Roadside gauge heads.

OEM Nameplate options

  • Customized nameplates for tank fabricators available. Contact us for more information.


Component Type External Level Indicator

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Installation Instructions

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Ordering Information

Wraparound Indicators are best ordered as part of a complete Level Indication System.  See the Level Indication System category for more information.

Standalone Wraparound Indicator Kit

  1. Specify “Wraparound Indicator”

See the part number matrix on the brochure for more information.

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