Quantifies Tank Level

  • Ruler-like markings, or graduations, along the length of the gauge board provide a readout of tank volume in conjunction with a Hawkeye indicator, float, and gauge head.

Extruded Aluminum

  • Graduated gauge boards are made from 1/8″ thick extruded aluminum with durable anodized finish for long life span.
  • No sharp edges for safe handling, unlike sheet metal alternatives.

Modular and Segmented

  • Gauge boards ship in 8 or 10 ft segmented modules, for ease of shipping and handling, with a pre-installed splice and fasteners for easy assembly on site.
  • Graduated gauge boards are available standard in 1 ft increments from 4 to 80 ft. Smaller increments available.

Graduation Markings

  • Standard markings report volume in cubic metres [m3].
  • UV-resistant blue vinyl graduation markings or blue screen print enamel markings standard.
  • Other colours are available for vinyl markings, and custom colour transitions are available to indicate internal structures or minimum fill levels, for example.
  • Custom graduations available, with minimum distance between ticks of 2.4″.

Common stock and near stock configurations

  • Stock and near stock configurations have blue markings with standard volume resolution of 1 m3.



Component Type Graduated Gauge Board

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Installation Instructions

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Ordering Information

Screen-printed Height & Volume combinations stocked

  • Gauge Boards for
    • 8 × 40 m3
    • 16 × 80 m3
    • 24 × 120 m3, and
    • 32 × 160 m3

with screen-printed blue markings are stocked for quick delivery.

  • Other common height and volume combinations available for quick delivery include:
    • 6 ft × 8 m3
    • 8 ft × 13 m3, 8 ft × 16 m3
    • 10 ft × 16 m3, 10 ft × 32 m3
    • 12 ft × 24 m3
    • 16 ft × 160 m3
    • 20 ft × 64 m3
    • 24 ft × 160 m3, and
    • 32 ft × 320 m3

Graduated gauge boards are best ordered as part of a complete Level Indication System.  See the Level Indication System category for more information.

Standalone Graduated Gauge Boards

Contact your Hawkeye sales rep directly to order a standalone graduated gauge board.

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