ConeLok™ Precision Connection

  • Innovative torsion bearing geometry eliminates cumbersome polygon keys
  • Interference fit supports torsional loading on entire surface of connection, not just the corners as in a legacy shear coupling
  • Lessens diametrical stress risers improving fatigue resistance
  • Allows use of larger diameter spud

Large Diameter Spud

  • Spud Diameter not limited by minor diameter of polygon key as in legacy couplings
  • Increased diameter increases bulk strength of connection, and also improves fatigue resistance
  • Large Diameter spud is two times stronger than legacy coupling spud in tension, and 2.7 times as strong in bending

Short Shear Pins

  • Short shear pins reduce effect of stress risers associated with through holes, increasing bulk strength and improving fatigue life
  • Eliminates non-reversible bending in shear pins leading to pin fatigue in reciprocating applications

Patented. US9,605,493 CAN2,855,128



Activation Load 30,000 lbf to 52,500 lbf
Operating Torque 2,780 ft-lb (7/8”) to 3,400 ft-lb (1”)
Temperature Range 0°C to 425°C

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ConeLok™ XF Shear Coupling

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ConeLok™ XFC Coated Shear Coupling

  1. Specify “ConeLok XFC Coated Shear Coupling”
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