Hawkeye end seals are a versatile and cost effective method of sealing casing ends. The end seals are designed to create a flexible seal over the casing pipe and may be installed even after the carrier is installed.


End seals are made from 1/8 inch thick neoprene rubber for optimal chemical resistance and resilience. The seam is sealed by two strips of butyl tape for ease of installation from an instant bond and flexibility along the seam due to its non-hardening nature. The seal is secured to the pipes by stainless steel banding with fully stainless steel worm gear clamps for extended life and ease of installation as only a screw driver is required.


The flexibility of the seal not only allows the seal to fit over non-concentric pipes but will also prevent failure when the pipes shift or move naturally. The wrap around style of the end seal also allows for quick and easy installation during, or after, the installation of carrier pipe.


Sizes Up to 48 inches; Custom sizes can be made for larger sizes
Installation Temperature -18°C to 49°C [0°F to 120°F]
Continuous Service Temperature -32°C to 82°C [-25°F to 180°F]

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