The durability and design of Hawkeye products helps ensure customer satisfaction with the options we provide.

— Shawn Kirwan, Sales Manager GLM Industries LP


In order to accurately measure the volume of fluid in a production or storage tank, it is important to employ the most suitable products for the process that addresses safety, reliability and low
cost of ownership. G.L.M. Industries LP recognize that when providing a quality tank, it is important to their clients to also provide quality level gauging options such as Hawkeye level gauges.


Installing Hawkeye sealed level gauges (Redtail and Roadside models) eliminates maintenance, increases safety and are user friendly. Safety and efficiency is achieved through a double pulley system set in a cast aluminum housing combined with a dry fluorocarbon seal. These features create a sealed level gauge suitable for sweet and sour applications. The simple design and rugged construction have proven effective over the last 20 years and over 10,000 units currently in service.


The dry seal design requires minimal maintenance because there is no oil or grease to maintain the seal. The limited maintenance reduces the frequency operators need to be on the tank,
creating a safer work environment.

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