“Hawkeye carries inventory of the items I need. They respond on time, all deliveries are as-promised, and I get immediate call backs”

— Inside sales rep, Oilfield Supply Distributor


A large oilfield supply distributor ordered a variety of polyethylene to steel transitions and high density polyethylene fittings (HDPE) including y-laterals, tees and elbows from a Hawkeye competitor. The distributor received the wrong materials and the supplier was not able to deliver the correct materials for another six weeks. Their customer’s entire project would be held up.


The challenge for this distributor was getting the entire order of HDPE fittings to their customer as fast as possible.


Hawkeye Industries Inc. was able to provide the distributor a complete order of ID-controlled transitions and fully pressure rated HDPE fittings within ten days.
Each component part of Hawkeye’s transition fittings are carefully machined and fabricated in-house. The process for manufacturing the transitions is called “cold flow technology” and is unique to Hawkeye Industries Inc. The HDPE fittings, such as Ylaterals, are also machined and fabricated in-house. Each lateral is a 3-piece design, ID-controlled and fully pressure rated.


End user satisfaction, piece of mind and reduced costs from project delays are a few examples of benefits from using Hawkeye fittings.

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