“Hawkeye provided a dynamic inventory to help complete a job that would have otherwise taken months!”

— Chad Heslip, Engineering Technologist, GRB Engineering


Polyethylene pipe is a popular, cost effective way, to collect low pressure methane gas from coal beds (CBM). These pipelines branch off and join to larger steel pipe. Construction crews need
specialized fittings. These fittings have to be designed, manufactured and installed in a way that prevents any possible leaks.


A producer of CBM discovered leaking lines. At a significant financial cost, the line was excavated in order to make repairs. The challenge was not only to find reliable fittings but to quickly
acquire a variety of sizes for a series of possible solutions that would minimize the downtime of the producing wells without huge cost implications. The EPCM in charge of the repairs turned to Hawkeye for their answer.


Hawkeye fittings have a unique design and manufacturing process and through Cold Flow Technology, ensure reliability long after the installation. To aid in the time sensitive nature of the
project Hawkeye created a “private warehouse” in the field consisting of a variety of fittings that would give the construction crew the required flexibility they needed to quickly address relatively unknown variables in the ground. Downtime of the wells was the critical factor, if that was minimized the project would
be a success.


The on-site flexibility created unquantifiable time savings and allowed the wells to be brought back on line within days. These extra fittings were supplied within days of the request at no extra
cost to the project. Once the project was completed the fittings that were not used were taken back and put into inventory.

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