Economical Hawkeye Level Indication and Venting equipment suitable for 100 to 1000 BBL rental tanks.


  • Model 750 Gauge Head System
  • TVTH 200 / 300 Venting Gauge Hatch



At Hawkeye, we believe in performance. Our team of engineers have designed our products to operate in harsh, challenging conditions with minimal installation and maintenance
issues. Whether you are in a cold or warm climate, sweet or sour operation, Hawkeye has a vent or level indication system for you!


Inventory is stocked in Edmonton, making it easy for us to get the product to you when you need it, wherever you need it. Special order? No worries – our machine shop is equipped
with the proper tools and machinists to get your product to you with a short-lead time.


We want you to be comfortable with what you are buying. That’s why at Hawkeye all vents are leak tested prior to shipment.


Don’t take our word for it – you do the shopping. Give us a call when you’re ready to order and our sales team would be pleased to assist you.

Product Combination

Level Indication Model 750 System
Venting TVTH 200 / 300 Venting Gauge Hatch

Ordering Information

  • Contact your Hawkeye Sales Rep for more information about package deals on a complete economical Level Indication and Venting solution for you rental tank.

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