• Mud Tank Level Indicating System – Highly Visible, Accurate and Easy to Install


During rig operations, mud tanks serve as a storage container for drilling fluid. Overfilling the mud tank is an environmental and safety concern. By being aware of the level of fluid in the mud tank system, operators can avoid overfills and other catastrophic events. This can be a challenge for the operator when they are not equip with the correct instruments. In busy work settings, where multiple components are moving simultaneously, such as a rig operation, any instrument or device that can offer convenience and make the operators job safer, is an essential device. Currently, drilling and service companies have two options to gauge the fluid in their mud tank, neither which is reliable and safe. These two options are as follows

  1. Mounting a gauge board on the side of the tank,
  2. Manually dipping a tape measure into the tank.


When operators must leave their assigned locations, the entire operation and personnel on site face several risks. As such, neither one of the options listed above provides an adequate solution.

  1. Side mounting gauge boards, especially when obstructed by equipment, can be difficult to see from the operator’s assigned location,
  2. Manually gauging the tank requires the operator to be on top of the tank.

Additionally,  enhanced safety measures prohibit people from being on top of the tank while rig operations are taking place. Since manually gauging a mud tank is unsafe, in most cases this practice has been entirely eliminated.


Hawkeye Industries has designed the Model 150 Level Indication System for Open Top Tanks. The Model 150 mounts on top of the open top tank and gives anyone on site high visibility from their current position eliminating the need to leave their position to gauge the tank.


Specifying a complete Model 150 system takes the guesswork out of mixing and matching components from multiple vendors, ensuring accurate and reliable performance that only a system designed to work together can provide. Installing the Model 150 is simple, with no welding or special tooling required. The magnetic float guide anchor is an alternative to welding rings or washers on the tank floor and allows the float guide kit installation on an in-service or non-empty tank. Although the system is on top of the mud tank, removing it is not necessary before transportation. The system is designed to lay down when not in use.

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