The Model 1000 Redtail System bundle includes all of the components required for a turn-key above-ground tank level indication system based on the Premium Dry-Seal Model 1000 Redtail Gauge Head.

All Hawkeye level indication system components are designed to work together, and bundling them provides considerable savings over buying separates or mixing-and-matching components from other vendors.

The Model 1000 Redtail Level Indication System includes standard:

The Model 1000 Redtail System can also be optionally outfitted with a Model 2000 Goshawk Level transmitter, which adds 4 – 20 mA Output to the level indication system.

Other options include:



Gauge Head Model 1000 Redtail
Graduated Gauge Board Included
Indicator Guided High Viz
Float 6" LLDPE Float
Float Guides Included

Ordering Information

  1. Specify “Model 1000 Redtail Level Indication System”
  2. Provide system height and tank volume
  3. Specify options (if required)

See the part number building on the System Flyer for more information.

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