Accurate Activation

  • Precision manufactured shear screws ensure consistent, repeatable and reliable drain activation

Elongated Drain Ports

  • Elongated drain ports provide a larger drain area than units with round drain holes
  • Fewer Drain Ports cut into the drain increases tensile strength of the tool


  • Tubing Drains can be refurbished by Hawkeye or others
  • Refurbishment kit, including instructions, seals and shear screws are available

Varied sizes and Connections

  • Tubing Drains are offered from 2-3/8 through to 5-1/2 sizes, with EUE, NUE and LCT engagements
  • Custom sizes and engagements may be available. Contact us for more information on lead time and quantities

Mechanical Activation

  • Allows for easy disassembly of used, but unactivated, drains for refurbishment.unactivated, drains for refurbishment


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Download Brochure

Technical Bulletin

Download TB-0610-TD

Ordering Information

  1. Specify “Tubing Drain”
  2. Specify Connection Size (2-3/8″ through to 5-1/2″)
  3. Specify Engagement Type (EUE, NUE, LCT)
  4. Specify any options or accessories required


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