Tubing centralizers are a cost effective way of maintaining equal spacing between a tubing string and its casing in a well. The centralizers are designed to easily clamp over the tubing string before or during installation into the casing.


The tubing centralizers are made from urethane with a hardness of 95 Shore A, to optimize flexibility for ease of installation and strength for extended life. Each centralizer is held in place by a stainless steel T-bolt clamp to ensure that the centralizer does not shift out of position during or after installation.


The tubing centralizers come with four 5/16 reliefs that will hold a wire against tubing string to prevent damaging during installation.


Sizing See Brochure
Continuous Service Temperature -60°C to 80°C [-76°F to 176°F]

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Ordering Information

  1. Tubing O.D.
  2. Casing I.D.
  3. Wire Relief diameter (If Needed)


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