The Hawkeye Pump-out Plug is simple and easy to use. The unique tapered plug design insures a smooth run, even in highly deviated wells. The plug is available in a standard pressure model, with 12 shear screws, and a high pressure model with 18 to 36 screws, depending on tubing size. Additionally, the high pressure model is also available with a ball check style cap to allow fluid entry into the tubing.


Pump-Out Plugs are available in three EUE tubing sizes (2-3/8, 2-7/8, 3-1/2 Tubing) each in three different configurations (standard pressure, high pressure, and high pressure with ball check). Additionally, shear screws, seals and plugs are available as a spare-part replacement kit. Pump-out pressure is easily adjusted in the field by removing or installing shear screws. All plugs come complete with a full complement of shear screws.


The EUE threads of the Hawkeye Pump-Out Plug meet fully API Spec 5B – 1998 (2004), and the drain itself meets EUE coupling dimensions specified in API spec 5CT-2005. The body of the plug is a A519 Seamless carbon steel tube, with an aluminum plug. The optional ball check model includes a chrome-plated steel ball.


Sizes 2 3/8", 2 7/8", 3 1/2"
Standard Pump-Out Plug PSI 2,400 psi to 5,400 psi
High Pressure Pump-Out Plug PSI 6,300 psi to 7,200 psi

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  1. Specify Standard, High Pressure, or High Pressure with Ball Check Model Pump-out plug
  2. Specify Tubing Size
  3. Specify Material (if non-standard)

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