Are your venting gauge hatches leaking prematurely? Asking one hatch to relieve pressure, relieve vacuum, seal the tank and provide tank access is a tall order! Splitting these tasks between multiple devices can improve performance in each of these areas. That is exactly what Hawkeye’s new Lockdown Hatch allows users to do.


Hawkeye Industries has introduced a new product to further expand our line of vapor control devices. The all new Lockdown Hatch can be closed to seal the tank during normal operation and opened to provide access to the tank interior. When used in conjunction with dedicated relief valves such as a PVRV or EPRV, the Lockdown Hatch can reduce emissions and product loss.


The hatch provides a bubble-tight seal for internal tank pressures up to 3 psi while closed. This is beyond the limit of the design pressure for most API 12B, 12D, 12F and 650 tanks. A simple screw-down knob holds the hatch closed while an integral stop prevents over-tightening. The knob can be loosened with a few turns and flipped down out of the way to allow the hatch to be opened. The hatch lid pivots over center to remain open on its own. This allows the user to take samples or gauge the tank without having to hold the hatch open. Furthermore, unobstructed access to the full nominal diameter achieved.


Manufactured and assembled from high precision components at the Hawkeye Industries factory in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The hatch is powder coated yellow for increased durability and visibility. Sweet and sour service seals available to suit most applications. Designed with a standard 8″ API connection, the Lockdown Hatch can directly replace most other gauge hatches with no alterations to the tank.


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