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Technical Bulletins

Documents exploring technical aspects of our products in-depth.

Level Indication


How to determine the required number of weld-on or magnetic gauge goard clips required.


Estimation of Skimmer Float Rate.

Vapor Control


Tank Venting: A guide to upstream petroleum storage tanks.

AN-1018-FT Application Note: Flow Testing Vent Devices

Hawkeye's Third-party flow- and peformance-characterization of PVRV's, EPRV's, TRV's and TVTH's

Vent Sizing Charts - All Devices

Sizing Charts for Series 200/300, 4000, 5000 and 6000 Vents


Flow Rate Information for the Series 5000 EPRV

Venting Gauge Hatch Seal Material Information

An overview and comparison of flurocarbon seal materials available on Hawkeye venting gauge hatches.

PE Fittings & Pipeline


ID-Controlled Polyethylene to Steel Transition Fittings: Dimension Chart


ID-Controlled Polyethylene to Steel Transition Fittings: Material and Design Specifications.


Pressure Rating Polyethylene Fittings Using CSA Z662-07, PPI TR-4 and TR-9, and EUB Directive 022.


Comparing 3-Piece Y-Lateral Fittings: Fully Pressure Rated Non ID-Controlled and Fully Pressure Rated ID Controlled Fittings.


Fabricated Fitting Butt Fusion Procedure.

Transition Fitting Letter of Compliance

A brief overview of the codes, standards and design criteria of our ID-Controlled Transition Fitting.

Tracer Wire Tensile Testing

Report on Tracer Wire Tensile Testing.

Production Equipment


Hawkeye Industries' Critical Flow Prover.


Performance of Hawkeye Industries Inc.'s Tubing Drains

Shear Coupling Thread Cutting vs Rolling Memo

An examination of the differences between cutting threads and rolling threads in the context of Hawkeye's shear couplings.

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