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Installation Instructions

Detailed installation manuals for our products.

Level Indication

System Preparation

Tank Preparation

Preparing a tank for a Hawkeye Gauging System, including Float Guide Kit, Gauge Board + Indication & Guide Kit and Gauge Head.

Gauge Board + Indicator & Guide Kit

Installation of the Hawkeye Gauge Board and Indicator & Guide kit for tanks outfitted with either standard Weld-on clips or Magnetic Clips.

Float & Float Guide Kit

Installation Hawkeye Float and Float Guide kit on new and in-service tanks.

Gauge Head Installation

Redtail Installation

Installation of Redtail Hawk Gauge Head.

Roadside Installation

Installation of Roadside Hawk Gauge Head.

Sparrowhawk Installation

Installation of Sparrowhawk Gauge Head.

Model 750 Installation

Installation of Model 750 Gauge Head.

Model 375 LS Installation

Installation of Model 375 LS Gauge Head.

Transmitters and Switches

Goshawk Installation

Installation of a Goshawk Level Transmitter to a Redtail or Roadside Hawk Gauge Head.

EX-AR Level Switch

Installing the EX-AR SPDT Level Switch on a Hawkeye Gauge Board

System Accessories

Stainless Steel Float

Installating a Hawkeye Stainless Steel float on a new or existing level indication system.

Cam Lock Connections

Installation a Hawkeye gauge head using Cam Lock connections

Severe Service Cable Termination

Using the Severe Service Cable Terminations on Hawkeye Products

Gauge Board Decal Application

Applying a Hawkeye Decal to an existing gauge board or tank.

Vapor Control

Marsh Hawk Installation & Maintenance

Installation & Maintenance of Marsh Hawk Tank Relief Vent.

Series 5000 EPRV Installation & Maintenance

Installation, operation and maintenance for Series 5000 EPRV

Series 6000 PVRV Installation & Maintenance

Installation, operation and maintenance for Series 6000 PVRV

TVTH 200 & 300 Operating Specifications

Installation & Operation of TVTH 200 and 300 Thief Hatch

Polyethylene & Pipeline

PE Fittings

Please refer to Technical Bulletin TB-0408-FP for fusion procedures.

Production Equipment

Shear Couplings

Installation document for Shear Couplings

Pump-out Plugs

Installation document for Pump-out Plugs

Tubing Drain Refurbishment

Installation document for refurbishing Tubing Drains

Torque Anchor Installation & Refurbishment

Installation document for installing and refurbishing Dynamic Torque Anchor

Brochures and other documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded for free here.

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