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Vapor Control

Hawkeye's proven Marshhawk Thief Hatch is the go-to solution for even the most demanding vapor control application. In addition, we offer a more economical TVTH product line, as well as risers, spools and pipe-away fittings to complete your vapor control project.

Tank Vents

Series 4000 Marsh Hawk TRV

The Marsh Hawk Tank Relief Vent (TRV) is a deep-set pressure and vacuum relieving gauge hatch for atmospheric tanks. With recessed seals for both pressure and vacuum relief, the Marsh Hawk resists freezing, providing reliable year-round operation.

Series 5000 EPRV

The Hawkeye Series 5000 Emergency Pressure Relief Vent (EPRV) is a weighted manway cover for liquid storage and process tanks. The device, sealed during normal operation, opens in the event of an abnormal pressure rise to relieve overpressures beyond the normal venting capacity.

Series 6000 PVRV

A flexible, reliable, flow-tested direct-acting Pressure and Vaccum Relief Vent with patent-pending UBR Valve Technology.

TVTH 200 & TVTH 300

An economical and traditional pressure and vacuum relief gauge hatch suitable for sweet (Model 200) and sour (Model 300) service.

Model 500 Lockdown Hatch

A non-venting locking gauge hatch suitable for sweet or sour service.

Vapor Control Accessories

Spools, Risers & Pipe-Aways

Hawkeye offers Riser, Spool and Pipe-away System adapters to complement our vapor control product line.

TRV Accessories

Mesh hats, gaskets and bolt kits to complete your vapor control installation.

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