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Production Equipment

Spanning tubing drains to polished rod bullets to shear couplings to tubing centralizers we carry many downhole and wellhead products. We also carry flow measurement and control devices, such as the rugged and accurate Critical Flow Prover, as well as time-tested Ball Check Valves.

Downhole & Wellhead

ConeLok™ Shear Couplings (Rod Shears)

Hawkeye Industries Groundbreaking new ConeLok™ Shear Couplings for Sucker Rods have proven superior performance in fatigue eliminaing unintended activations, while offering consistent tensile shear loads and ensuring full torsional strength of the sucker rod string.

Tubing Drain

The Hawkeye Industries Inc. tubing drain significantly out-performs drains available today. The pressure activated device, located near the bottom of the tubing string, allows oil and other sediments to flow from the tubing string, enabling safer, cleaner, and easier well maintenance.

Tubing Shear

The Hawkeye Tubing Shear is a box-by-pin tubing coupling used when release of the tubing string is desired. The robust interlocking castelation design resists torque, and internal supports resist compression, allowing the Tubing Shear to only activate in tension.

High Bypass Torque Anchor

The high bypass torque anchor is a modular, multi-lobe active anchor no-turn tool design to reisst clockwise rotation of the tubing string by anchoring it to the casing. The modular design of the high bypass anchor significantly increases the annular bypass area of the standard Dynamic Torque Anchor.

Pump-out Plugs

The Hawkeye Industries Inc. pump-out plug is a premium, cost-effective temporary tubing plug. The single use pressure activated device, located at the bottom end of the tubing string, temporarily seals the string ID for testing, setting packers and keeping debris out.

Legacy Shear Couplings (Rod Shears)

Hawkeye Industries Shear Couplings for Sucker Rods provide consistent tensile shear loads, while not compromising the torsional strength of the sucker rod string.

Polished Rod Bullets

The Hawkeye Industries Inc. Polished Rod Bullets come in an array of rod and box sizes, offering a wide range of thread and packing protection.

Seating Cups

The proprietary material used on Hawkeye's Seating cups allows high temperature operation.

Tubing Centralizers

Flexible, durable and economical way to protect and insulate the tubing string


Critical Flow Prover

The critical flow prover (CFP), uses principles of adiabatic, frictionless compressible flow to provide means to determine flow rate by measuring only upstream pressure and temperature. The rugged design of the Hawkeye Industries critical flow prover ensures accurate, repeatable results.

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