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Polyethylene Fittings & Pipeline

Hawkeye Manufactures top-quality ID-Controlled, fully pressure-rated Polyethylene Fittings, including Steel-to-PE Transition Fittings and Y-Laterals. We also carry the innovative RACI Casing spacers, tracer wire and endseals.

Polyethylene Fittings

Transition Fittings

Polyethylene to steel weld-end non-ID obstructed fittings are a convenient way to connect polyethylene pipe to steel pipe. Hawkeye's ID Controlled Transition Fitting are PE 100 standard, and offer a piggable alternative to traditional, non-ID controlled fittings.

Fabricated Fittings

Polyethylene fittings, including y-laterals, tees, elbows, flange adapters, reducers and end caps. Manufactured from raw billet materials, or injection molded, these fittings come in a wide range of styles and sizes suitable for new or existing gas pipeline systems.

Pipeline Equipment

RACI Casing Spacers

Innovative no-fastener RACI spacers isolate carrier pipes from casing pipe in a simple and cost-effective manner. The unique RACI design provides projections around the entire circumference of the carrier pipe, and has no fasteners to scratch or mar the casing during installation.

Tracer Wire

Tracer, or locating wire, buried next to non-metallic pipe and conduit (i.e. thermoplastic gas pipelines), allows line detection with conventional equipment.

Innerlynx End Seals

Hawkeye Industries Inc. offers INNERLYNX End Seals, used to form a mechanical seal between carrier pipes and casings, openings in vaults, tanks and walls.

Wrap Around End Seal

Flexible, durable and economical end seal solution.

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