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Level Indication

Hawkeye is an industry leader in providing reliable & effective tank level measurement solutions. We offer both Zero Emission (Sealed) and Standard (Open) Gauge systems, as well as transmitters, floats, gauge boards and everything else required for a complete, reliable tank level indication solution.

Zero Emission Gauge Heads


This sealed float-activated level gauge features a unique dry-seal design making this unit superior to other sealed level gauging systems. It can be relied upon to measure storage and production tanks, with an 18 year production history and over 8000 units installed globally.


Using the same principles as the Redtail Model, the Roadside is a compact design suited for higher pressure applications as well as underground tanks. The renowned Hawkeye durability and maintenance-free design are evident in this level gauge.


The Goshawk transmitter adds 4-20 mA electronic level indication to the Redtail Hawk and Roadside Hawk Sealed Gauge Head Systems.

Model 375 LS Gauge Head

The Hawkeye Model 375 is a low-profile, sour service gauge head that is intended to be used in situations where the Model 750 LS is too tall. This problem commonly arises on rental tanks where tall appurtenances are knocked off or damaged during transportation.

Standard Gauge Heads & Systems


When emission prevention and control are not required, the Sparrowhawk Model is the reliable, economical choice. The compact and easy-to- install level gauge works on any size storage, production or mud tank.

Model 750 System

When emission prevention and control are not required, the Model 750 Gauge Head provides a simple and economical choice. The easy-to-install gauge works on any size storage, production or mud tank.

System Components

System Components

A gauge head is only one part of a complete tank level indication system, so Hawkeye offers everything required to complete the indication system, including floats and float guide kits, anchors, indicators and gauge boards with volume / height decals made to your specification.

Connection Accessories

Hawkeye stocks several common connection accessories to ensure you can mate your Hawkeye Gauge Head to most any tank connection.

Level Switches

Hawkeye Industries Inc. offers an array of single-point level indication products ideal for level alarms, emergency shut downs, pump start / stop and any other application that requires activation based on tank fluid level.

Severe Service Trim

The Severe Service Trim option provides exotic alloy cable and connections for long term reliable use of Hawkeye Level indication systems in concentrated hydrochloric acid and other high chloride ion applications.

Tank & Barrel Gauges

Cooper's hawk

The Cooper's Hawk Tank Level Gauge offers an easy to read visual level measurement for bulk product tanks, thanks to the high-visibility sight glass. The Cooper's Hawk also includes a rate scale for metering chemical injection pumps.

Cooper's Hawk (Barrel)

The Cooper's Hawk Tank Barrel Gauge is an application-specific level gauge featuring easy to read visual level measurement for standard sized 55 gallon barrels. The Cooper's Hawk also includes a rate scale for metering chemical injection pumps.


The Greyhawk Level Indication system provides an effective and economical way to directly gauge level in knock-out or other horizontal tanks.


Model 1230 Skimmer

The Model 1230 Floating Skimmer provides an effective non-metallic solution to skimming product from the surface of tank conents, regardless of the overall tank level.

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