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Hawkeye's products fall into four major categories: Level Indication, which includes gauge heads, transmitters and level indication systems; Vapor Control which includes our thief hatches; PE Fittings & Pipeline which include our polyethylene and pipeline products; and Production Equipment, which includes our downhole, wellhead and flow control products.

Level Indication

Hawkeye is an industry leader in reliable and effective tank level measurement solutions. We offer both Zero Emission and Standard Gauge systems, as well as transmitters, floats, gauge boards and everything else required for a complete tank level indication solution.

Vapor Control

Hawkeye's proven Marshhawk Thief Hatch is the go-to solution for even the most demanding vapor control application. In addition, we offer a more economical TVTH product line, as well as risers, spools and pipe-away fittings to complete your vapor control project.

PE Fittings & Pipeline

Hawkeye Manufactures top-quality ID-Controlled, fully pressure-rated Polyethylene Fittings, including Steel-to-PE Transition Fittings. We also carry the innovative RACI Casing spacers, tracer wire and end seals.

Production Equipment

Spanning tubing drains to polished rod bullets, we carry many downhole and wellhead products. We also carry flow measurement and control devices, such as the rugged and accurate Critical Flow Prover, as well as time-tested Ball Check Valves.

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